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SONATA 17 granted to our I-COMET Member

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Ceren Eyileten-Postuła from the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology will receive over 1,700,000 PLN in the SONATA 17 grant to carry out a project on determining the role of platelets and their function in epigenetic changes in Wilson’s disease. The most frequently observed symptoms of Wilson’s disease are non-specific liver dysfunction and neurological and psychiatric disorders. Because Wilson’s disease is rare and the initial symptoms resemble a whirlwind of other conditions, diagnosis can be problematic. And the late diagnosis of the disease results in irreversible complications. Innovative research conducted within the project will allow broadening the knowledge of pathophysiological processes underlying this condition. It will also enable the assessment of the significance of platelet reactivity, platelet-associated microvesicles and selected RNA molecules in this disease. In addition, the author would like to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers available in peripheral blood. The results of the project may in the future accelerate diagnosis and treatment to improve prognosis. The project will be implemented with the UW Center for New Technologies.