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Zofia Wicik

Zofia Wicik, PhD has fourteen years of experience in the use of bioinformatics tools for data mining, analysis and integration of large-scale datasets associated with genetics of aging-related diseases. Her main focus is on developing novel biomarker discovery workflows integrating transcriptomic, epigenetic, genomic and phenomic data with PPI networks. She is designing and analyzing experiments implementing microarray and NGS methodology, including signal pre- processing, statistical analyses, enrichment analyses as well as miRNA and lncRNA targets predictions. She also works with DNA variant annotation, expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) and DNA methylation analyses. During her career, she gained experience as a (i) researcher in the Epigenetics lab, MMRC (Warsaw, PL) while working with projects related to immunosenescence including POLGENOM longevity project; In 2015 she joined (ii) Greally lab (iii) and then Suh lab in Genetics Department, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NYC, US where she participated as a bioinformatician in multiple projects related to the genetics of longevity and aging-related diseases. (iv) In 2018 she moved to Brazil and did a postdoc in Bone metabolism lab at the Medical University of Sao Paulo, where she worked with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and coronary calcification. In 2020 she joined the Center of Mathematics, Computation and Cognition – UFABC where together with prof David C Martins Jr and dr Sérgio N Simões is developing new algorithms for integrating expression data with PPI networks.