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Prof. Dr. Stefano Volinia

Prof. Stefano Volinia from the University of Ferrara is involved in total and single-cell RNAseq studies on the function of long non-coding and circular RNAs in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), breast cancer and other human diseases. A focus has been on the interactions between drugs and non-coding RNAs in breast cancer (Italian AIRC-financed project). The targets of ongoing research have been recently expanded with the study of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) using novel RNA-based methods for the identification of key genes in PDX models. Additionally, he is also currently involved in the application of machine learning and data science for the functional comprehension of high throughput experiments on human and mouse biosamples. He will support us in our research on SGLT-inhibitors, sportsmen and Wilson disease.

ResearchGate: Stefano Volinia (