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Jeffrey Palatini, PhD

Dr. Jeff Palatini has nearly 25 years of experience across sequencing, custom microarray design and fabrication, various commercial array platforms, as well as various second and third-generation sequencing platforms and bioinformatics analysis. He began his work at The Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center (USA) in 1997 under the direction of Prof. Albert de la Chapelle, and continued through the direction of Prof. Carlo M. Croce, at the OSUCCC until 2012, where he joined with Prof. Stefano Volinia at the University of Ferrara (Italy) –leaving to pursue bioinformatics in the private sector, before returning to academic work at the University of Warsaw in 2020 to start the Genomics Core Facility. His research is focused on small and non-coding RNA regulation as therapeutic targets for the management of various diseases. The Genomics Core facility (GFC) is located in the Center for New Technologies on the University of Warsaw, Ochota Campus. The facility is a fully functioning genomics services provider for academic and private sector users across Poland, Europe, and beyond. The GFC is the largest of its kind in Poland, and the first to have a NovaSeq 6000 (Illumina) in Poland. In addition, the core facility also has the following Illumina instrumentation available for use in its NGS platform: HiSeq 4000/HiSeq 2500 rapid/NextSeq 500/MiSeq/MiniSeq. In addition to sequencing, the GCF provides full service and is fully equipped with all necessary ancillary equipment for the high-throughput preparation of sequencing libraries of all types, including single-cell sequencing with micro-fluidic instrumentation and a cell-culture laboratory, as well as multiple robotic liquid-handling stations. The GFC is capable for ultra-high sample throughput and has multiple types of instrumentation for QA/QC, including multiple Agilent Bioanalyzers/Tapestations, qRT-PCR instruments, and even multiple automated gel excision apparatus. The GFC has extensive experience in the analysis of whole and targeted genomic RNA/DNA across a wide taxonomic range, including environmental and metagenomic analysis, as well as proteomic sequencing. In addition to library construction and sequencing services, the GFC provides all manner of bioinformatics support, including consultation, experimental design, informatics and statistical analyses.

Researchgate: Jeff Palatini